This is my tribute to my sweet girl Oreo!! We sure miss you princess.  5/1998 - 1/2008




January 15, 2008


Just want to update some of you. I have had a rough few days. My little girl Oreo has been sick for about a week. I was just thinking she had a flu or cold, something she would come out of. When I noticed her losing a ton of weight and not getting any better we decided to take her to the vet yesterday. After a nice long visit with the vet he found a baseball sized tumor in her abdomen, it is cancer! She is not going to get better!!!! I was and still am completely devestated! I cant help her! So to celebrater her life and the little time we have left with her I am posting a few pictures of her that I got yesterday of her in a good state. I will try an update this every day as I emotionally can.  OREO I LOVE YOU!!!!
These just show how much she just loves being in the sun
oreointhesun2       oreointhesun1
January 16, 2008

Oreo update

Well here it is... we went to the vet again last night, ya know that feeling in the back of your mind telling you that you could possibly not be doing everything in your power to help out. We did X-rays, we were thinking maybe this mass that was in her tummy was a blockage of some sort, hoping!!!! X-rays confirmed that her kidneys are in rough shape and YES it is cancer...sad thing is the vet gave her 3-5 good days left before she starts to go downhill fast. Poor little princess. She had a good day yesterday. She just meowed every time you talked to her, like she was trying to tell you that it would all be okay. She ate a good little bit yesterday, not really enough to do much but I think enough to keep her kicking for a few days. She fell asleep next to me in bed last night purring, I just wanted to lay there with her for as long as she would tolerate it, she finally got up and moved at about 2 am cause I was moving too much for her comfort level. She did really well this morning, I woke up early to clean her box and get her some food. She followed me around the whole house and even ate some roast and canned cat food. She finally settled down before I left her. These next few days are going to be priceless, more like the countdown to her peace on friday when we have decided to "let her go".
I will get some more pictures of her in her last days, she seems so at peace right now.
I love you Oreo!!!!
January 17, 2008

Sweet Little Girl..

Well nothing much has changed as of today. She is still as she was yesterday, which in turn makes me hesitate if putting her down tomorrow afternoon is what I should be doing. Is she going to be okay for a few more days???? The last thing I want to do is see her in pain, I don't want to remember her like that. She is so peaceful and sweet right now. My sweet girl!!! I got some flowers from my mom on Monday and they still look great, snapped a few pictures of her this morning sniffing at them, she even took a nibble on one of them. She slept with me until about 1130 last night, I am having a hard time sleeping at night and I really think it is because I know I am losing her. Its not easy, and the closer to tomorrow I get the more emotional I get.
I love you sweetie girl!!!!
Baby, Thank you so much for being the wonderful supportive husband that I need right now! I love you!!!
oreo4Oreo3   oreo6
January 18, 2008

Last walk to home....

Well today is the day...I am having a hard time even writing this. Oreo's appointment is at 5 this evening. I got home last night and she hadnt eaten all day yesterday, she is starting to go down hill now, so that little thing in the back of my mind making me wonder if I am doing the right thing tonight was just confirmed. I will miss her. I did manage to get some cute pictures of her last night. That is all I can say right now...
I will miss you little one...


January 21, 2008

Good Bye my Princess!!!!

Well it has been 3 days, and I can seem to hide the fact that I just miss this little girl to death. I walk into a room and think I have seen  her sitting in the corner, or in the bathroom at the sink wanting a drink of water. Shes not there... And just as well as he could Steven made it easier for me "Mom, shes still alive she's an angel now". For those of you I havent contacted and told about this, we did end up putting her down on Friday afternoon. The vet did take a look at her and said that she was getting worse. The boys took it pretty hard for about an hour, then decided that the Wii was going to be fun that night. Little Jeramy is still thinking about her, I will talk about her and he starts to tear up and says " Mom, I love Oreo". This is their first loss, they did well!!!!
We will see you at the bridge my sweetheart...




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